Monday, October 2, 2017

Hot ,Hilly and limited Internet

Spain Calling, On the road again!
I guess it would have made a little sense for us to have ridden more then twice before we decided to head over and do these kind of roads, in this heat, but I have to say, Our Corgi's came first. The walk in the morning was our time to ride. Not regretting it one bit, these two days have been hard.
Starting out in the cool morning air is always nice, but come around 11:30 we are harshly reminded of what riding in the Desert is all about.
Yesterday after about 10 miles it seemed as if the front brake stopped working. When we stopped for lunch it was discovered that it only had one pad. Disc Brakes usually have two. The staff quickly replaced the set, and off we went.
This morning the rear brake was dragging with a high pitched squeal that alerted all the dogs as we passed.
Dogs were coming out of windows high above to see exactly what was going on. Nice!
After coffee, again the staff did a fantastic job to stop the squealing so off we went.
Rolling hills with great views, different from yesterday that was mostly flat, hot but flat, until the last 2 miles that was cobble and great for walking a tandem.
Nap time comes after a shower and then off to a group meeting about tomorrows ride.
Here are some of our photos so far:

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Here we go again!

Barbara and me will be heading out this evening for another trip in Spain This time with a group and a supplied tandem. No boxing or moving of the heavy box this time.
We will be riding from Sevilla to Granada. Come back to this spot for photos, video's this time, and storys of the road. We hope you enjoy our trip!